About The Pictograph Gallery
An idea brought to fruition by volunteerism.



 An idea held by four artists to fill a need has now evolved into a highly respected and much welcomed facility through which local and regional artists and artisans can have their works featured.

These local artists, discouraged by the lack of facility through which to show and sell their work, as well as the work of other artists and craftspeople in town, brainstormed and came up with the idea of starting an "artist-run, non-profit" gallery.  Sally Burns, Peggy Michels, Elsa Kosola and Lise Sorensen worked at finding space and money to start up such a gallery.

The Voyageur Mall owner very generously provided rent-free space
downstairs in the newly developed Voyageur Mall on Main Street. 

Renovation of the space was made possible through an Empoyment and Immigration five-month job development grant.  Three people were hired to do the renovation.  Finally, on March 11, 1988, a Grand opening for the new facility was held.

Chairperson of the newly founded group, Jo-Anne Lachapelle-Beyak, held an "Art With A Heart" auction in 1990 to raise additional funds for such items as track lighting and flooring.  The Ontario Ministry of Culture,

Tourism and Recreation provided various grants to purchase equipment.  Grants continue to be accessed for funding required to hire a summer student annually.

Other than for the time that a summer student is employed (always dependent on funding availability), the Gallery operates strickly on a volunteer basis for the balance of the year.  Despite this dependency on volunteers, the Gallery is open the majority of the year and usually only closes for the setting up of new shows - a tribute to the volunteer spirit in this community.


Board of Directors

Chris Spilchuk
Andrea Allison
Vivian Gilmour
Janice Matichuk
Thelma Cameron
Sheri Bailey





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